We believe that pets are part of the family, too, and we believe that they deserve the best possible care when they must leave us. This is why we’ve established Quad Cities Pet Cremation.

A welcoming and comfortable place is important when you’re dealing with these difficult circumstances, so we started with a building that provides easy access and then added some comfortable surroundings.

NOTE: We ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment to ensure prompt assistance. (We may be away from the cremation center, assisting families at the vet clinics.)

Conveniently located from any direction, our facility offers ease of access on River Drive between Bettendorf and Interstate 80.

Facility Tour

Our facility is unique and thoughtfully designed for this special service. You won’t find anything comparable anywhere in the entire region.

We’re ADA-friendly here: all one level, including an ADA-friendly restroom. The dignity in our process begins with complete privacy. Vehicles can enter into our facility and the garage door is then closed to maintain every dignity and proper decorum for your pet as we carefully bring him or her into our care.

Our exclusive barcode tracking system is employed as your pet’s body is brought into our care and then charts each step until you’ve received your pet’s ashes.

The office area and welcome center provides a comfortable space to gather necessary information and assist you with paperwork.

Our Staff

Mark Cannon

Pet Care Coordinator

Mark and his family relocated to the Quad Cities in 2004. Mark and his wife Terri enjoy spending time with their nine children. In addition to his pastoral duties, Mark is a Chaplain for the Bettendorf Police Department and assists with funeral services at Weerts funeral home. Mark and his family are pet parents to two short hair domestic cats and two pure bred Australian Shepherds.

Donnie Collins

Pet Care Coordinator

Sarah Tosh

Pet Care Coordinator Assistant

Sarah is a Pet Care Associate with QCPC and a Funeral Service Assistant at Weerts Funeral Home. In her free time, she enjoys sewing historical costumes and hanging out with her Green Cheek Conure, Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen. Sarah previously worked at various wildlife rehabilitation centers and a zoo before discovering her calling in death care. She hopes to provide every family with compassionate services to ease their burden and provide comfort in the journey of loss.

Ron (in loving memory)