Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet directly to your facility? 

Of course. Many people do choose to bring their pets to us themselves, and our facility is designed to accommodate this with dignity, respect and privacy -- for both you and your pet. 

We do recommend that you notify us that you'll be bringing your pet to our facility so we can be best prepared to assist you when you arrive. You may call 563.424.7060 or complete our Online Service Request Form to let us know that you'll be coming to our facility. 

What options do I have for "Good-Bye Time" with my pet?

We've had to say good-bye to our pets, too, and we know how important this is. That's why we have a private family room designed just for this purpose. We'll want to make sure the family room is available when you need it, so please call us at 563.424.7060 or complete the Online Service Request Form so that we can be in contact with you and coordinate this for you.

Should I inform my Veterinarian that I have chosen Quad Cities Pet Cremation to provide the cremation for my pet?

YES. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR PET PARENTS TO KNOW that you should always inform your Veterinary Provider or Animal Hospital that you have selected Quad Cities Pet Cremation. 

Please be assured we will coordinate everything with your Veterinary Provider or Animal Hospital once they contact us on your behalf. If they need to know our phone number, it is 563.424.7060 and they can call us at any hour.

Will you go to my Veterinary Clinic/Animal Hospital if I can't bring my pet directly to your facility?

Absolutely. Just inform your Veterinarian/Animal Hospital that you have selected Quad Cities Pet Cremation to assist you with cremation. We will coordinate everything directly with them. Our Veterinary Partners have their own secure log-in portal through our website to notify us of a service request. [NOTE: Even if your Veterinarian/Animal Hospital is not a Veterinary Partner with us, we can still coordinate everything directly with them by phone.]

Will you come to my home to pick up my pet?

Sometimes, it just doesn't work for people to bring their pet to our facility. We understand. And we do offer in-home service for an additional fee after hours when requested. We will need to know some specifics before we send someone, especially if you have a larger pet and we need to send more than one person to your home.

Once again, you may either call us at 563.424.7060 or complete the Online Service Request Form so that we can be in contact with you and coordinate the best solutions for your particular circumstances.

How soon will the ashes be available?

This will depend upon the cremation option you select. Expedited service is available if the ashes are needed in a very quick timeframe. For those selecting the PRIVATE CREMATION OPTION, ashes will be returned within 72 Hours. Otherwise, the ashes will be available to you within a week.

What options do I have if I want to keep the ashes?

Some people bury the ashes, others may elect to keep their in their personal care. Still others will scatter the ashes, but we urge caution here as this cannot be undone.

While an urn isn't required, many people do opt for something like this, whether the ashes will be buried, scattered or kept in your personal custody. We offer a selection of items for any of these options on our Keepsakes Page. These items can be purchased in person at our facility or ordered online and sent directly to your home. 

We're always willing to assist you with the transferring of ashes from a temporary container to an urn without charge.

I'd like to bury my pet's ashes. Is there a Pet Cemetery in the Quad Cities?

Many people do prefer to bury their pet's ashes - and we think it's one of the very best options. There's a great place for this at the "Love of Animals" PetLand section of Oakdale Memorial Gardens in Davenport. 

Oakdale is located on Eastern Avenue, just across the street from the Annie Wittenmeyer campus. The "Love of Animals" PetLand section is a special area of the cemetery just for Pets, with rich a foliage backdrop near the creek bed and a brick pathway among some unique shrubs and landscaping. You can even have a brick  engraved in memory of you pet and included in the brick pathway if you're interested in doing so.

Davenport PD K-9's are buried here and many of us have buried our own pets here, too. If you're considering burying your pet's ashes, we think PetLand is certainly worthy of your consideration.

For additional information about PetLand, you may contact Oakdale Memorial Gardens directly at 563.324.5121 or email them at

Are you available 24/7? What about holidays?

While we do have established office hours from 10 AM until 6 PM each weekday, we are always available for after-hours service. Additional fees apply for after hours service. [NOTE: There is no additional charge to complete the Online Service Request Form after hours -- and this will allow us to have your information in hand when we get in contact with you.]  While we do not have regular business hours on Holidays, we are available at for holiday service when needed. Additional fees will apply.

Can you assure me that I will receive my own pet's ashes back?

This is of utmost importance to us...because we know that it's of utmost importance to you. This is why we've invested in the technology to incorporate a barcode tracking system that creates real-time charting of our processes and procedures -- beginning when your pet is brought into our care and continuing until you receive your pet's ashes back from us. This step-by-step tracking system assures all of us that the ashes you receive are that of your own pet. Additional information is available by clicking here.

We think pets are part of the family, too -- and that they deserve the very best care when they must leave us.

You can count on us for that.